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ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors



ProCourse is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with a mission to enable our clients and their employees to retire with financial confidence.


ProCourse focuses on working specifically with employers to manage and improve their organizations’ retirement plans. 


We specialize in advising over 401(k), 403(b), and other institutional retirement plans.​ Our goal is to make retirement plans more effective and align with your organization’s overall objectives.




ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors
Tilt Financial Wellness



It is no surprise that financial stress is impacting the workplace. At ProCourse, we have a real opportunity to improve the financial lives of hundreds of thousands of employees.   


To help in our mission of enabling people to achieve a financially secure retirement, ProCourse has developed Tilt - a multi-tiered financial wellness program, designed to help people get ready for retirement, faster. This site will provide you with a high-level overview of our Tilt services. For a demo of the Tilt program, please contact us!






Tools to Elevate Workforce Financial Wellbeing

Tilt Essential

The Tilt Essential leverages behavioral economics research, innovative technology, and personal support to assist employees in preparing for retirement. This financial wellness program is made up of 4 different components outlined below:

Personal Financial Portal 

Offers employees one site where they can securely link, aggregate and monitor all of their household financial accounts

Financial Help Center

The call center provides employees with educational assistance, answering their questions and helping them navigate their retirement strategy

Retire Connect Campaigns

Gives employees access to weekly and monthly newsletters, webinars and market updates

Gap Analysis Program

This tool helps employees assess if they are on track for retirement and provides guidance on how to adjust to meet their goals 


Tilt Cinema

Your Retirement Plan...ANIMATED!

ProCourse will work with you to produce custom animated videos around financial topics of your choice. We can create explainer videos on the details of your 401(k) plan, your plan’s investment options or managed accounts. You tell us the topic, we will help create and brand a video that works for you and your employee population!

Tilt Optimized

The World is Your Oyster!
Tilt Optimized is designed to provide employees with the tools and resources they need, delivered in a way that works for them. We understand each employee population may need something different. Our advisors will consult with your team and develop a truly customized education plan! Need some ideas to get started? See below!
Content for Every Stage of Life



Dealing with aging parents? Student loans? Our education specialists can deliver content that provides employees with the tools to help them with the financial hurdles they are struggling with now


Increase engagement by branding our financial wellness resources for your organization. All content, including infographics, videos, call-to-action links and more can be customized for your brand. 

Courses & Gamification


 Take your program engagement to the next level by adding incentives and gamification. Our education team will work with you to develop and monitor engagement. 


Tilt Optimized provides the employer with high-level utilization reporting. Understand what your workforce is most concerned about, and develop workshops and incentives around what matters most to them.  




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